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Hanna - About Page Portrait


Through Your Light

All my life, I’ve been a creative. I interact with the world through a visual lens, and I’m always curious about how things come to be. There’s a history and story behind everything we touch in the material world, whether it was made by us or nature. My passion is to understand that past, and how I can shape the future.

Our world is ever evolving with an overwhelming exposure to stimulants like technology, social trends, and cultural shifts. I believe that we are our best selves when our external environment connects with our internal Beings, our highest forms. My role as a designer is to calm the senses and figure out what is truly you, and reflect that through your home. This alignment is the keystone beginning to living your authentic truth.

Celebrate Your Authenticity

It is important for our clients to feel a deep connection to their environment, and we are committed to telling each story through the lens of our artistic style & academic discipline. We do this by incorporating elements that are highly bespoke, while assigning each keystone object a meaning & belonging. It is through this process of honest exploration & vulnerable revelation with the client that we ultimately discover what you love, and who you are.

Knowledge & Experience

Starting a project can often feel overwhelming. Our core competencies in interior design and construction alleviate that stress to bring concept to reality. Whether it’s an interior refresh with new furniture & accessories, or a new-build with cross-functional collaboration between architect, builder, and engineer — every project is meticulously assessed and developed with leverage from years of education, training, and experience. The result is a space that clients are proud to live in, share with, and call home.

Source Local, Think Global

Our emphasis on sourcing & using sustainable materials stems from the awareness that the future depends on the ethical decisions we make today. We can prolong the lifespan of this planet by critically understanding the environmental impacts of modern production, then mitigating that cycle through conscious lifestyle modifications. Thus, whenever practical, our studio uses materials that are natural, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced.