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Are Full Service Interior Design Services Suitable For You?


You are aware that your environment is in need of an update. Even better, you are aware that YOU are prepared to finally reside in a home that provides you with love, vitality, opportunities to relax, and inspiration. However, even if you are prepared to move on with the process, you do not have the necessary resources, such as time or knowledge, to complete it on your own.

You are in need of expert assistance, and you are considering whether or not full service design is the most suitable choice for your situation.

In order to respond to this question, I will discuss the five defining traits of a customer who is ideal for full service design and who is most likely to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

But first things first: what exactly does “full service interior design” mean?



In a word, full service interior design is having an interior designer or design team manage your entire project, beginning with the initial concept and continuing all the way through installation and adding finishing touches that would look great in a magazine.

The end product as well as the savings in time and effort during the design process are the two primary advantages of full service design. Having said that, full service design is not for everyone, and before you start, you should be completely aware of everything that will be expected of you.

The ideal candidate for full service design should possess all five of the following attributes…

1. Love to Delegate

Full service design is a surefire way to cut down on the amount of time and effort you spend, so consider it if the idea of outsourcing tasks appeals to you and comes easily to you. While the level of detail that our à la carte offerings cover isn’t quite as extensive, when we provide full service design, we…

  • Take complete responsibility for your project from the very beginning to the very end.
  • Include a detailed description of every aspect of your project, from the structural components to the lighting to the finishing touches on your curtains.
  • Manage the various trades that are associated with your project (millworker, wallpaper installer, etc).
  • Create precise designs for the millwork, electrical, and lighting systems, among other systems.
  • Place an order for finish samples and fabric memoranda to be certain that the colors will look good with every component of your home.
  • As problems arise and questions arise along the road, you should work closely with the contractor to find solutions and provide answers.
  • Maintain a picture-perfect surprise by keeping an eye on the installation and styling.
  • Follow OUR TESTED AND PROVEN DESIGN PROCESS, which will keep things on track, within budget, and let you know what to anticipate at each stage of the process.


2. Want to Hire Experts

Those who are able to operate within their “zone of genius” are considered experts. In “The Big Leap,” Gay Hendricks explains the concept that she refers to as “the zone of brilliance.” He advises all of us to focus solely on developing our most significant abilities and talents. (Have you thought about what yours is?)

You probably figured correctly that our area of expertise is interior design. When you work with us, you will…

  • Utilize our skills, time, and knowledge, as well as our extensive network of artisans and providers.
  • Collaborate with experts who are well-versed in the most recent design conventions and exhibitions, as well as developments in products, materials, and design approaches.
  • Get a house with intention and flow that makes your unique life easier to navigate. Enjoy pieces sourced particularly for you, both locally and abroad, from suppliers we trust, or with bespoke pieces we design ourselves.

When you engage a professional who is completely devoted to their trade, you get a great deal more than what you might expect at first glance. You will receive in-depth information as well as dedication to your project as a result. This is part of our remit.

To put it another way, delegating tasks is one thing, but assigning tasks to specialists is something else different!


3. Ready to Invest

There are no secrets to be found here; full service The expenditure on interior design becomes an investment. In addition to this, I would say that it is an investment in the value of your property, in the quality of your life, and in yourself. But let’s discuss numbers.

An investment in full-service design begins at roughly $5,000 or more on the low end for a single room and can go up to six figures for huge residences that are under development. Keep in mind that those prices are for the design, not the furnishings.

To fully decorate a single room, such as a living room, the starting point for furniture budgets is approximately $25,000, which is information that should be known in advance as it is EXTREMELY crucial. It’s astonishing how quickly little expenses can build up to a significant amount of money, as the starting point for fully furnishing a home is approximately $150,000.

However, we believe that it is the best investment that you will ever make.

You can contrast these figures with the degree of investment required for à la carte design services, which range from a few hundred dollars for a Design Consultation to a few thousand dollars for more advanced design and styling services. You can find these statistics online.

Instead of putting your house together piece by piece, we recommend that you either wait until you have enough money to invest in the home design that you want, or build it all at once. When you’re purchasing a home, you also have the option of factoring in the expense of interior design and furnishings so that you can begin really living in it as soon as possible rather than delaying the process.


4. Open and Decisive

The idea that interior designers can help you make decisions when you’re stuck in limbo is a widespread fallacy. I’m still working on improving my ability to read minds, but even if I were successful, I’d have a hard time reading someone who couldn’t make up their mind!

Before we can translate those aspects into a design direction you’ll adore, you need to have a good understanding of yourself and what it is that makes you come alive when you’re at home.

On the other hand, there is another side to this coin, and that is being overly definite. Full service interior design is not the best fit for you if you have already chosen all of the furniture you want in your house or if you want to source alongside us. If one of these situations applies to you, consider exploring other options. We are not retailers; rather, we are designers who have evidence to show that the best results come from genuine connections, trust, and the faith of our clients in the fact that design is what we excel at doing.

(Don’t worry if you’re the one responsible for gathering links in this scenario; that’s fine! If you do those purchases and install on your own, or if you use our DESIGNER FOR A DAY SERVICE, you will really save time and money.


5. IN IT FOR THE END result

The final quality of a client for full-service interior design who will be satisfied and successful is a focus on the end product rather than speed.

Yes, employing our staff saves you countless hours (no need to manage trades, inspect labor, or leave work to receive deliveries, etc.). However, quality full-service interior design does not occur overnight.

Expect the process to take between four and six months, or longer for major projects. The advantage is that we delve deeply into who our clients are and what their settings require. Everything has been meticulously planned and developed.


If you identify with all five of these criteria, then full service design may be a good fit for you, and we’d love to work with you.CONTACT US HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL.


Regardless of where you are in the creative process, we are committed to assisting and inspiring you. So saddle up, buddy, and let’s make life exciting!