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Design Through Storytelling

A stylish series of four short films that explores the art & soul of our interior design practice from a cinematic lens. The worlds of design and cinematography are much intertwined, as they both portray and elicit emotions we’ve all felt — desire, nostalgia, mischief, passion, anger, and of course, love. We produced this series because we were inspired by our generation’s storytellers and their depiction of what makes us human in today’s social & cultural climate. We hope you enjoy as we give you a comedic, playful, absurd, and heartfelt glimpse into these characters’ lives in a real-world interior/exterior project we designed in Los Angeles. All. Absolutely. Stunning.

A satirical vignette that follows a “sonic designer” as she shows her client his “stunning” new home.

A heartfelt vignette that follows a nostalgic woman through her home as she relives her memories in the space.

A playful vignette that follows a destructive woman whose bad habits need breaking, sometimes literally.

An upbeat vignette that follows the morning rituals of a determined woman who is about to take on the world.