Surf Shack

Venice, CA

Project Scope: Partial Interior Furnishings / Art / Rugs / Styling

This mini project was a joy to work on. An existing client tasked our team with designing and furnishing his Surf Shack as an adjunct space to his main project. The architecture has a slightly industrial feel with a large concrete wall that partitions the space into two zones, which sets the ideal backdrop for both storage and personal display of the things this client loves most — surfing and snowboarding. The client uses this shack as a retreat, what he calls his “Weekend Mancave”, to truly enjoy as his own.

We began with a darker, more masculine color palette along with natural materials such as solid pine, California oak, rattan, cotton, cashmere, etc. to create an interior that feels true to the client’s aesthetic but still harnesses a certain calm and relaxed ambience. We dedicated certain areas within the shack to serve as a forefront display of the client’s favorite items, including a wall-to-wall custom bookcase and a dresser. To offset the cold and bare concrete, we also added textured fabrics, linen, nautical pillows, and patterned bedding to soften the space and add a layer of warmth and coziness which is always important for a place of sleep and rest.

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Oak Grove - Guest Bedroom Nook
Oak Grove - Guest Bedroom
Surf Shack - Living Lounge
Oak Grove - Guest Bedroom Entry Bench