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Pasadena, CA

Rose Bowl Stadium

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Rose Bowl Stadium

The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California is a beloved landmark and one of the country’s oldest sports stadiums. Constructed in 1922, the stadium has since hosted a wide variety of events, including Super Bowls, World Cup games and high-level college football matchups. It also serves as the home ground for the UCLA Bruins American Football team. The Rose Bowl is the largest athletic stadium in the Los Angeles area, featuring a capacity of over 90,500 people. While most visitors come to attend its numerous sporting ventures, the picturesque venue also doubles as a popular location for festivals and other large-scale gatherings. For those looking to take a step back into history as well as witness outstanding sporting action, there’s no better place in Pasadena than the Rose Bowl Stadium.

Things To Do

Rose Bowl Stadium is a renowned sports venue with a long list of fun activities to enjoy. Visitors can take in a UCLA Bruins football game or even attend the historic Rose Bowl game in early January. Live concerts often grace the stadium and passionate fans are able to cheer on their favorite teams. Strolling through the grounds of this beloved stadium can be quite an adventure as sports statues, monuments, and fountains dot the landscape. Moreover, visitors can purchase souvenirs from the gift shop to remember their visit for years to come. With so much to experience at Rose Bowl Stadium, it’s easy to see why many people make it an annual tradition.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to Rose Bowl Stadium there is something for everyone. With many year-round events at the stadium, such as UCLA Bruins home football games and professional soccer matches, it’s easy to find an exciting activity to enjoy. Tours are also available daily where guests can learn more about the history of the venue and its impact on college-level sports and competitors. There’s even an Art Walk each month to admire and purchase unique works from local artists—all while overlooking iconic views of the San Gabriel Mountains. When you visit Rose Bowl Stadium, you’re guaranteed a memorable experience.

Overall, the Rose Bowl Stadium is an incredible venue that has stood the test of time. Founded in 1922, the stadium has seen countless significant events including 5 Superbowls, a World Cup Final and countless concerts from A-list artists. With its unmatched historic importance and iconic design, it is truly a monument to sports and entertainment that sets itself apart from other venues. Any visitor to the Rose Bowl Stadium will surely never forget the experience and it’s sure to become one of their favorite places to visit in California.


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