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Pasadena, CA

Casa Grande

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Casa Grande

Casa Grande, located in Pasadena, California, is a stunning and historically significant landmark. Built in 1886 by Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin, it was originally a 1,000 acre private estate that was much larger than today’s historic park. The estate served to celebrate the immense wealth of Baldwin who invested himself heavily in real estate projects from Northern California all the way down to Mexico. After his death in 1909, the property became too expensive to maintain and parcels of it were sold off such that by 1970 only four acres remained when the city of Pasadena purchased it as an open space preserve. Today, Casa Grande remains a testament to Americana culture and is seen as a symbol of East Coast-style excess and old world admiration for luxury architecture.


Casa Grande is an area of great diversity! Its total population is 8,348 with the majority being Hispanic or Latino with 48.47%. There are a wide range of non-Hispanic ethnicities and cultural backgrounds contributing to the city’s unique rich tapestry of cultures – accounting for 35.20% Caucasian, 5.40% African American, 4.22% Asian, 1.30% Native American, and 0.01% Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian . The largest age group plummets from 20-39 year olds that account for 25.90 % with a median age of 38 years old and below California’s average of 30-70s at 37 years old for both genders found in the 2011 census statistics report. Casa Grande overall is a vibrant area providing a snapshot into today’s constantly evolving population mix!


Education in Casa Grande is among the best in the state. It comprises excellent elementary, middle and high schools. Students here have access to a wide variety of learning opportunities including STEM programs, fine arts, sports teams and extracurricular activities. Superior educational standards have been established with an aim to prepare them for post-secondary education possibilities as well as life-long learning endeavors. The district has a commitment to help equip each student with the necessary academic skills along with strong character-building traits–encouraging those from an early age to discover their true potential and maximize it not just in terms of exceptional academic performance but also becoming well-rounded citizens who give back to society.


Casa Grande is an exciting destination for vacationers and locals alike. From the well-manicured gardens of its luxury resorts to the delicious Mexican cuisine offered by local eateries; visitors will find plenty of things to do while in this bustling town. Boasting a thriving cultural scene, guests can discover its unique galleries, museums, artisan workshops and performing arts centers. Don’t forget to check out the antiques market, which is home to some of the most interesting finds available in the region! As you make your way through Casa Grande you will be exposed to a variety of sights and sounds that will stay with you long after your trip ends. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or just want to explore a new city; this charming city has everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Overall, Casa Grande located offers residents a charming and unique blend of suburban living with the convenience of big city life. The neighborhood includes many lovely homes on tree-lined streets, well-manicured parks, and a wide variety of shopping opportunities. Schools are well-regarded within the district, and public transit is convenient for commuters. Overall, Casa Grande is an attractive place to call home, whether you’re looking to settle down and start a family or just enjoy being close to downtown Los Angeles without all the hustle and bustle.


In addition, if you’re looking to explore the outdoors, Lamanda Park is an ideal destination. Home to sprawling grassy fields and winding walkways, the park offers a great opportunity to get some exercise while enjoying the sunny South California weather. It’s also a popular spot for a picnic lunch, with conveniently placed benches and shaded areas perfect for spreading out your blanket and snacking on a light bite. If that wasn’t enough, Lamanda Park is home to a host of recreational activities, like basketball and tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, as well as playgrounds for younger children. If you want to experience nature with maximum convenience in Southern California, Lamanda Park can offer it all!