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Design Trends 2023 - Cover Photo

How is it May already? It’s time to look ahead at what interior design trends will be popular for the next decade. In this 2023-focused blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the hottest interior design ideas from 2023, from hexagon tile patterns to living walls and more. These are some inspiring examples of how we see the industry trending.

An upgrade from your usual bathroom tile, hexagon tiles have a geometric feel.

Hexagon tiles are a geometric pattern that is appearing in more and more spaces, including bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The hexagon tile pattern can be seen as an upgrade from your usual bathroom tile because it has a more contemporary feel to it than square or rectangular tiles do. Hexagon tiles can also be used in other rooms of your home such as the kitchen or even bedrooms.

Retro and futuristic at the same time, this look combines 60s iconography with tech-y materials.

The look combines 60s iconography with tech-y materials. It’s retro, but also futuristic at the same time. It’s a modern look that is created by combining 60s iconography with tech-y materials and colors. For example, you could use a bright color like red or blue in combination with an iconic 1960s pattern like polka dots or stripes.

Design Trends 2023 - Powder Bath
Design Trends 2023 - Dining Room

Out with the old and in with the new! These classic tiles are given a modern look by mixing patterns and colors.

Mixing patterns and colors is a way to bring the old into the new. Classic tiles are given a modern look by mixing patterns and colors. This trend allows you to create an interesting visual aesthetic that can be incorporated into any room of your home or office.

This look will be especially popular in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and entryways because it’s easy to clean and durable enough for high traffic areas. The best part is that it only costs about $4 per square foot for each tile. I absolutely adore this bathroom tile in Youtuber / Blogger Emma Chamberlain’s space featured on Architecture Digest!

The muted yellows and mustards of Grandma’s couch are replaced by pastels, especially mint green and baby blue.

If you want to add color to your space but don’t want to feel like you’re shouting, pastels are the answer. A muted mustard can be a perfect accent in a room filled with black and white furniture. A minty green is a great way to make an impact without feeling too bright. And baby blue is both soothing and bold—a good choice for those who don’t want their home to feel too dark or too loud.

This look uses natural wood materials and designs suggestive of plants, such as leaves or flowers. It is all about behaving in a more sustainable way.

This look uses natural wood materials and designs suggestive of plants, such as leaves or flowers. It is all about behaving in a more sustainable way. In this style, you’ll see that the furniture looks like it came from nature itself, with its organic shapes and earthy colors. It can be made from real wood or other materials that have been painted to look like wood. The idea behind this style is to create an atmosphere where you feel at home by incorporating the things that mean something to you into your own space through items like plants or art pieces you have made yourself. This is a great way for people who live in small apartments or houses without much room for decorating options to make their space unique without spending much money on expensive furniture pieces that don’t necessarily match their personal tastes anyway!

Design Trends 2023

Replace your indoor/outdoor carpeting with genuine greenery, perhaps living moss or grass from Astroturf to put on your floors or walls!

You can buy living moss or grass from Astroturf, or you can try your hand at growing it yourself. To do this, use a high-quality potting soil and a small plastic container with drainage holes in the bottom. Pour water into the pot, but not so much that it’s saturated. Place the pot on top of an overturned glass or bowl so that excess moisture can drain out. Use your fingers to break apart any clumps of dirt—you want there to be good airflow around each individual plant’s roots so they get plenty of oxygen.

These interior design trends will be everywhere in 2023.

  1. Sustainability is at the core of everything you do, from the products you buy to how you decorate your home. You want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. At our firm this is definitely one of our core values we strive for to lower our carbon footprint.
  2. You love making things yourself and not wasting anything—so why not get rid of all those plastic water bottles? Drink from the tap instead. It’s much more environmentally friendly, and it tastes just as good. Plus if you’re worried about germs or chemicals in the water from your city’s pipes (or whatever), just boil some rocks on your stovetop for a few minutes before adding them to your water bottle; this will kill any bacteria or chemicals that could make people sick—it works for coffee too! Why spend money on bottled drinks when they’re so easy to make at home.
  3. You know that having plants indoors helps cleanse the air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into its surroundings—so why not plant some plants in every room? Keep them alive with regular watering (which is good practice anyway) so they can continue doing their job efficiently without distraction.

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