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Our Process

At Hanna Li Interiors, our engagement process is structured in a way that delivers the design vision with precision and fluency. Serving in the high end residential space, our clients are some of the most influential movers and shakers in their respective industries, and thus expect a high degree of proficiency, experience, and discretion when working on their homes.

As every project is special in its scope, aesthetic, budget, and timeline, we have to carefully assess each of these parameters and how it fits into the broader picture. Laying a strong foundation of key insights about our clients will ensure that the project’s programming is tailored to their specific needs and lifestyles. What is the use-case of each room? How often does the house entertain friends and family? How do you want to feel when you come home? These are some of the fundamental questions we examine as a team when we approach each project.

Initial Consultation

Full Service Interior Design

Client Onboarding

Spatial Planning & Measurement

Discovery, Design, and Beyond

Hanna and Jeff New Portrait

We begin each engagement with an onsite design consultation — it’s a great opportunity for us to meet the client(s), understand their scope of work, and explore options to achieve their goals. During this visit, we’ll also conduct a walkthrough of the property to review the spaces and evaluate any potential risks. After this meeting, our team will draft a Budget Proposal that outlines the Scope of Work as well as a general capital allocation for each workstream.

Our full scope of services includes the following:

  • Floorplan Design, Elevations, Spatial Layout, Dimension Calculations, Surveying
  • Wall Treatments, Window Treatments, Floor Treatments
  • Interior Furnishings Specification & Customization
  • Interior Accessories, Artwork, Accents, Plants, Florals, General Decor
  • Interior Lighting Plan
  • Interior Custom Storage Solutions and Spatial Repurposing

Once the Budget Proposal is approved, we will jointly review the Project Agreement with the Client(s), which serves as the contract for us to onboard the Client(s). This phase of the engagement will outline each parties’ roles and responsibilities, as well as set operating parameters and expectations.

After we onboard the Client(s), the next step of our engagement process is a comprehensive planning & measurement of the spaces within the project’s scope of work. This in-depth onsite appointment allows the design team to obtain detailed measurements to later import into all the relevant software so we can get an accurate digital floorplan. This drawing set then serves as the foundational blueprint for functions such as furniture scaling, spatial layouts, elevations, etc.

As the needs and goals of each Client are highly individualized, our implementation strategy for each project must also be tailored to those specifications. The interior design of your home is a reflection of who you are, what you love, and how you want to live. There is great joy in this process of discovery, and we look forward to working with you.

About South Pasadena, CA

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Southern California, South Pasadena stands as a true gem, offering its residents and visitors a harmonious blend of historical charm, cultural diversity, and modern amenities. This small yet vibrant city boasts a rich tapestry of demographics, a commitment to excellence in education, and a thriving tourism scene. With its tree-lined streets, well-preserved architecture, and a warm community spirit, South Pasadena encapsulates the essence of a quintessential Californian experience.


South Pasadena’s demographics are as diverse as they are vibrant, showcasing the city’s welcoming and inclusive nature. As of the last census, the population hovers around 25,000 residents, a number that belies the city’s impact and influence in the region. The city proudly embraces a multicultural population, with individuals of various ethnicities, races, and backgrounds contributing to its unique identity.

The cultural mosaic of South Pasadena is reflected not only in its residents’ heritage but also in the various community events and festivals that dot the calendar. Celebrations like the Moon Festival, Diwali, and Fiesta de las Luminarias bring together people from all walks of life to revel in the shared joy of diversity. This tapestry of cultures is interwoven into the very fabric of the city, fostering an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding, and unity.


South Pasadena’s commitment to education is unwavering, making it an ideal place for families seeking quality schooling for their children. The city is served by the South Pasadena Unified School District (SPUSD), renowned for its academic excellence and innovative teaching methodologies. The district comprises several schools that cater to students from kindergarten through high school, including award-winning institutions like South Pasadena High School.

The city’s dedication to education extends beyond the traditional classroom. South Pasadena’s public libraries are more than just repositories of knowledge; they serve as vibrant community hubs offering a range of resources, from books to digital media. These libraries also host various educational and cultural events, further enhancing the learning experience for residents of all ages.


Tourism in South Pasadena thrives on the city’s historical heritage, artistic endeavors, and natural beauty. One of the most iconic landmarks is the Rialto Theatre, a historic movie palace that has been meticulously preserved and stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to its past. Visitors can step back in time while enjoying modern cinematic offerings in this architectural masterpiece.

The city’s commitment to the arts is also evident in its local galleries and studios, where residents and visitors alike can explore a plethora of artistic expressions. The South Pasadena Arts Crawl, held quarterly, transforms the city’s streets into an open-air art showcase, inviting everyone to engage with creativity and culture.

For those drawn to the outdoors, South Pasadena offers an array of parks and recreational areas. Garfield Park, with its lush greenery and inviting picnic spots, provides a peaceful escape from the urban hustle. The Arroyo Seco, a natural waterway winding through the city, offers opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and simply reconnecting with nature.

In the heart of Southern California, South Pasadena stands as a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when history, diversity, education, and culture converge. Its tree-lined streets whisper stories of yesteryears, while its diverse population paints a vivid picture of unity in a modern world. The city’s dedication to education ensures that its future is as promising as its past, with generations of young minds being nurtured to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

As tourists explore its historical landmarks, immerse themselves in its artistic treasures, and bask in the beauty of its natural landscapes, South Pasadena leaves an indelible mark on their hearts. This hidden gem invites all who venture within its borders to experience the Californian dream in a setting that encapsulates the essence of community, creativity, and connection.