Mesa Terrace

Claremont, CA

Project Scope: Full-Home Furnishings / Art / Rugs / Window Treatments / Styling

An avid traveler and wine connoisseur, this client first met Hanna via a mutual friend and wanted a home that marries his colorful entertaining lifestyle with classic Spanish architecture, but tailored towards modern living. Situated on a private hill, this house was impeccably built & maintained with lush surround gardens and a manicured outdoor terrace layered with rippled-travertine and traditional lime plaster.

Our design concept included iconic pieces like Diego Giacometti’s wrought iron chair to complement the home’s antique brass detailing, a chunky solid mahogany coffee table, and soft linens to accent the organic interplay of materials. We also transformed the Wine Tasting Room into a commercial-style arrangement with a tufted high-back velvet banquette and individual cocktail tables reminiscent of the tranquil countryside that our client adores.

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Mesa Terrace - Formal Living Room
Mesa Terrace - Dining Room
Claremont - Kitchen
Claremont - Family Room
Mesa Terrace - Upstairs Hallway
Claremont - Guest Bathroom
Claremont - Main Courtyard
Claremont - Outdoor Dining
Claremont - Wine Tasting Room
Claremont - Master Bedroom
Claremont - Fireplace Mantle
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Claremont - Outdoor Terrace