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Why Hire an Interior Designer for a Home Renovation or New Construction?

Many people wonder why they should hire an interior designer for a remodel or new building project. Isn’t that labor reserved for the world’s contractors and architects? Why not put off hiring an interior designer till the last minute, when you really need something done?

One of the most popular misconceptions about the interior design industry is that interior designers come in after the fact to make everything seem nice. In reality, experienced homeowners and design firms recognize that having an interior designer involved in the remodel or new construction phase of your home’s design may literally make or break the success of the project.

Facilitate the Design and Construction Process

Let’s talk about the design and construction process without getting sidetracked by the fluidity of the design itself (at least for the time being). If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to decide “which comes first: the chicken or the egg?” The design and construction process can be a living hell if you don’t have a single person to contact with all of your questions and concerns. Who is in charge of making the design decisions? Who is the designer? your own inspection of floor plans that appeal to you?

Neither of these choices offers the individualized and comprehensive strategy that is necessary for the development of a genuinely successful house design. You need someone who will get to know you, learn about your hobbies, passions, and tastes, and then be able to translate the nuggets they learn into a home design that is as functional and pleasant as it is appealing to the eye.

When she was in over her head attempting to select tiles for all of the rooms, the clients remembered the work that we had done and reached out to us for assistance. After they had decided to work with us, the customers were able to transition out of the “overwhelmed mindset” and into one in which they could begin to relax and enjoy the process. We acted as a guide, a mediator, and a facilitator, making sure that each half of the couple was reflected in the design in a way that was balanced, and keeping them informed of every significant decision, action, and change that was required throughout the construction process to ensure that things moved forward according to the timeline and the budget. 

If our clients ever decided to sell their home, we would put all the pieces together to give it a customized touch and a unified appearance that would still be appealing to potential purchasers.

Control Costs and Loose Ends

Did you know that all of the delays and redos that might occur as a direct result of change orders can add up to be one of the costliest aspects of constructing anything new or remodeling an existing one? The contractor gets started, the homeowner sees a piece that is either halfway finished or finished, and the homeowner exclaims, “Yikes! I must say, I’m not a fan of that after all! or “That isn’t what I envisioned,” in which case you are starting from scratch again. When you deal with a designer who has experience, adjustments like these, which take a lot of time and can be expensive, almost completely disappear. 

We make sure that things are designed correctly the first time, and we are present throughout the project (dare we say “micromanaging” it?) to ensure that there are few to no mistakes, and anything that doesn’t appear to be quite right is stopped and corrected before it requires a significant amount of effort to reverse or change.

In addition, we have established ties with some of the industry’s most reputable vendors, subcontractors, and general contractors. You are not required to put in any effort whatsoever in order to determine who is who. Because we are able to provide referrals to the appropriate experts from the very beginning of the process, the finished product will be of the highest possible quality in every respect. There are no unreliable or careless contractors working here! 

We are pleased to work cooperatively with a client’s preferred contractors and vendors if they already have a contract in place with them. Last but not least, we collaborate with artists and suppliers who exclusively build partnerships with other businesses and not with the general public. Because of this, the costs of producing highly tailored work are reduced, and we are able to pass the majority of the resulting savings on to the customers who purchase our products.

Take Advantage of an Artist’s Eye

Many people recognize what they like when they see it, but few can build and invent the tiny (or larger) extras that genuinely knit the design together and preserve the aesthetics and flow from room to room. An interior designer has that eye; she knows when to repurpose what you already own, when to explore flea markets for something you don’t, and when to share ideas for outstanding custom art and accessories that will be exceptionally distinctive to your design. Do you like the concept of custom furniture, furnishings, and art? They will be realized by a well-connected designer. This is something that cannot happen unless you have an aesthetic eye and connections if you only work with an architect/build team.

Hiring an expert interior designer can be one of the most powerful decisions you make before beginning a new home construction or remodeling project since you will benefit from an adviser, inventor, artist, and advocate from the start of the design phase until the project is completed.

A home is a big investment, and one that should be made with care. Hiring an interior designer for a home renovation or new construction is one way to ensure that your investment looks beautiful and functions wonderfully for years to come. With an interior designer on your team, you can be confident that your home will be everything you’ve ever wanted it to be. So if you’re ready to love where you live, contact us today to get started on your dream project. We can’t wait to turn your vision into reality.