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White Marble - Backsplash

Traversing the marble scene as a first time buyer can be so overwhelming. Say you’ve narrowed down the hunt to “white marble” — you’ll find that there are still countless options of textures, hues, shapes and marbling patterns to peruse and parse before finding that perfect material for your space. To help you with this challenge, we asked Hanna, our Creative Director, to lend some of her veteran experience and offer her best tips and sources of inspiration that inform her own approach to incorporating marble into her interior design choices.

Interviewer: “As a leading firm in LA, does your team implement a lot of marbles in your space? How do you choose a marble among the plethora of options available at the stone yard? Are there specific features that you look for when selecting?”

Hanna: “Well, I love to take a step back and assess the big picture first. What other design elements are we working with – the tiles, the wall textures, the context. I think that’s the best place to start in order to envision the overall mood and aesthetic we’re aspiring to create. As an example, some of the spaces I love where we see white marble purposed in different ways are from artists like Athena Calderon of Eyeswoon and Jake Arnold.”

Interviewer: “That makes sense. Speaking of contexts, what are your favorite areas around the Client’s home to use natural marble?”

Hanna: “Oh, the possibilities are truly endless. My take as an interior designer, it really is a catch-all material for me. It’s perfect for any area that needs a hard durable surface but visually still emanates personality and nature. The fact that it can be cut down to essentially any size, or even sculpted into a solid piece of furniture makes it one of the most versatile materials. I’ve literally used it in almost every corner of the house as bookshelves, wall panels, shower trims, countertops, mirror frames, sculptures, the list goes on…”

White Marble - Bathroom
White Marble - Kitchen Island

Interviewer: “Wow ok great, you’ve definitely expanded my understanding of marble applications. Well I think we would all love to know the answer to the next question – can you share what your favorite marbles to work with are?”

Hanna: “Ok, but keep it between us. Just kidding. It changes but at the moment I am loving Calacattas in general, but more specifically, Macchia Vecchias, Violas, Arabescatos, and Golds. I also need to consider the Client’s functional needs.”

White Marble - Countertop

Interviewer: “A secret well worth it, thank you for sharing. Lastly, what sources of inspiration do you draw from in your own use of marble?”

Hanna: “I could really go on forever with this application. I am forever enthralled by the extravagance of the Haas Brothers’ $350,000 Pele de Tigre tub. I mean, it is just unforgettable. I’m having a phase of being especially enamored by fireplaces, so I love the works of Marmol Radziner. For a more modern maximalist flair, interior legends like India Madahvi and Kelly Wearstler are pioneers in this arena.”

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